Pricing For Spray Foam

If you throw a stone in any direction you'll hit two spray foam contractors.
That's good for you, it keeps pricing competitive.

Pricing for Spray Foam Insulation

The examples below reflect pricing as of Feb 2024. 

Square ft pricing

Spray foam is priced by the square footage of the area to be sprayed. To calculate the we'll need to know the square ft and the required R value (R6 per inch). Code for walls is R22 (3.5 inches), code for cathedral, flat ceilings and floors is R28.5 (5 inches). The average price for R22 is roughly $5.25-$8.75 per square foot ($1.50-$2.50 per inch thickness). The average price for R28.5 is $7.00-$12.50 per square ft ($1.50-$2.50 per inch thickness). These prices are to help with budgets and will vary depending on size and difficulty.

MB Hydro rebate for basements and crawlspaces
For houses older than 1999 MB hydro offers basement rebates of $0.96 sqft. We can help with the application paperwork. 4 inches spray foam is required to be eligible for a rebate for basements and crawlspace walls .

Minimum Prices
Most companies, RRSO included, have a minimum charge. We have a minimum charge of $1750 in Winter $2500.00 in Summer. 

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