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After 46 years of Spray Foam we know what to do but most importantly we know what not to do.


Spray foam Insulation and building rigs. Our goal is to be amazing at few things instead of pretty good at many things.


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Misapplied spray foam may cause issues that become hard and expensive to remedy

Newly Developed Cutting Edge Ratio-Assurance Technology

Spray foam is made by combining two liquid chemicals, this chemistry requires a 1:1 ratio to mix properly and to obtain the optimal properties.  When applied correctly spray foam is a product that offers many benefits, but if misapplied, may cause issues that become hard and expensive to remedy. The best course of action is to prevent issues from occurring. Therefore, relying on the installer alone to make sure the foam is being properly manufactured is not an adequate solution.

Along with experienced sprayers RRSO's spray foam equipment is designed to mitigate potential issues. This technology is called Ratio-Assurance. This system consists of inline sensors that monitor the materials in real time and automatically shuts down the machine if potential issues are detected. At RRSO we use Ratio-Assurance on all our machines.

1. Assurance that foam was sprayed correctly.
2. Peace of mind to homeowners and builders.  
3. Eliminate costly repairs and call-backs.  
4. Quick detection of equipment issues and off ratio foam.  
5. Risk mitigation of misapplied foam.

All project data gets saved to the cloud in real time. We can view, save, send and print reports summarizing our spray data including ratio. We can use these reports to provide documentation that a job was done to manufacturing specifications.

In two words, Experience and Technology. There's no doubt experience bears a lot of weight in the field of spray foam insulation. We are dealing with complex chemistry and in Canada all it takes is a 2 day course to be considered a professional and In the USA nothing is required. At RRSO our least experienced sprayer has 10 years and thousands of hours of experience. In terms of technology even the most experienced eye can not detect every problem. Through extensive field testing by Graco Corp of the Ratio-Assurance sensors they found on several occasions foam being applied greater than 15% off ratio and the foam appeared to be fine to veteran sprayers. 

In Summary
Having over 46 years experience is how we set ourselves apart, but having the right equipment to monitor and detect possible issues and having the ability to collect the required information to provide proof of installation is just as important. We understand the potential issues, how to minimize the occurrence of these issues, and how to resolve them quickly. 

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