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Two pound density foam is what we Spray for all exterior walls. It is good and strong; it's an air barrier at 1 inch and a vapor barrier at 2 inches. It can be sprayed directly to any surface such as wood, brick, concrete, drywall, metals (galvanized steel requires at primer)

The number one thing you as a building owner want to accomplish as it relates to the wall is to stop the conditioned air inside your building from leaving through ways you can't control In other words I want to keep the inside in and the outside out, it's that simple. 

Air Leakage

Air leakage accounts for 25-40% of the energy used for heating and cooling in a typical home or building. That's the equivalent of always leaving a window open, allowing conditioned air to leave your home and unconditioned air and moisture to enter it through gaps, cracks and holes in the building envelope. At one inch spray foam insulation is a air barrier, with all air infiltration points completely sealed off a dramatic drop in heat loss be achieved. When you air seal building the insulation can truely do what it is intended to do
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