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The old way of insulating rim joists was to use fiberglass batts. Fiberglass is a poor choice of insulation and should never be used at the rim space because it's nearly impossible to install a proper vapor barrier here, and fiberglass batts will allow for a lot of air leakage. Without a vapor barrier at the rim space, you'll have relatively warm, moist air passing through the fiberglass insulation and then condensing at the rim joist. This can create mould or rotting.

Using spray foam at the rim space is just about the only thing that is ever done on new construction houses in Manitoba today; while it's expensive, it's worth it because it can be applied quickly and does a perfect job of both insulating and air sealing the rim space. Wires, faucets, pipes... they're no match for spray foam. All of the penetrations get sealed. The foam expands to R6.5 per inch and insulates the cavity as well. 

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