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A number of things can happen when water enters a grain bin. First, water can damage the grain and the bin. Vertical columns can form in the bin, or wet grain can stick to a side wall and form a solid block. The grain may adhere around the bottom of a steel bin.
Wet grain may rot, mold and develop a sour smell. There is also the possibility of heat build up, which can develop quickly if temperature cables are not present or maintained.

Machine Shops, Quonset Sheds, Barns, Potato and other Vegetable Storages

Spray Foam is an excellent choice for the farm or ranch to insulate various types of out buildings such as workshops, equipment storage, bagged or bulk feed storage, and general use type structures. It will help keep work areas comfortable in winter or summer, and will actually “tighten” a building constructed of metal panels and add to its structural integrity. It also reduces interior noise levels.

Spray Foam can be used to insulate dairy barns or milk houses, swine holding or farrowing houses, horse barns, and cattle barns. It provides consistent temperature control to reduce stress levels in livestock caused by temperature extremes during summer or winter months. It can also be used to reduce radiant heat under sheds and covers during summer months.

Spray Foam be used in the design and construction of vegetable storage and freezer facilities used to store fruits and vegetables, nuts and other perishable food items. It helps assure constant temperatures and the closed-cell design means much lower water vapor perm values per inch. It’s also an excellent insulation for processing plants, refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers.

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