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Fire Proofing for Spray Foam

The Canadian building code is very strict when it comes to approved fire barriers over foam plastics. To meet Canadian Standards the test used is called the CAN4-S124-M test and it's specific to foam plastics. So just because your supplier has a beautiful white coating that he says has been approved the question is to what standard has it been approved? To date no paint or coating has been approved according to the CAN4-S124-M standard. That's not to say that fireproofing coatings don't work in fact some of them work really well. In the US it's very possible to get a coating approved because in the states all you need is an ignition barrier (keep the foam from igniting) which is a different standard. In Canada we don't have ignition barrier standards for foam, we have thermal barrier standards (keep the foam from getting hot).

In summery in the States all you need is to keep it from igniting in Canada never mind igniting the foam can't even get over a certain temperature.

A thermal or fire barrier is a material or coating, applied over polyurethane foam, designed to slow the temperature increase of the foam during a fire, and to delay the foam's involvement in a fire. The building code definition of an approved thermal barrier is one which is equal in fire resistance to 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) drywall, OSB, plywood and metal. Such thermal barriers limit the temperature rise of the underlying polyurethane foam to not more than 140°C after 10 minutes when exposed to a temperature of 704ºC.

Its impossible for paints of any sort do not meet the requirements of a "thermal barrier" Outside of the above sheathing materials there is only type of spray approved fire barrier for over spray foam and that's called cementitious spray fireproofing.

Cementitious spray fireproofing is applied .75 inches thick over foam insulation where it forms a hard, durable, stucco looking, monolithic barrier.

Farm buildings under 6000 square ft and built before Nov 2010 are exempt from the building codes, fireproof coatings can effectively used providing the owner has insurance company approval.

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